At pH OSVER, contribute to continuous professional and personal development, ensuring a highly qualified human team for the performance of its functions.

Position: Engineers, Graduates and Technicians
PH OSVER is constantly in active search for highly motivated, talented people who encourage innovation.
Our contracted staff must be trained in the following areas:
- Chemical industry
- Mechanical Engineering
- Design
- Automation and control
- Electric engineering
- Industrial engineer
- On-site services: maintenance, commissioning, ...

Position: Sales
PH OSVER seeks in this department very motivated profiles, capable of actively promoting our products and services and identifying new business opportunities. Commercial and technical skills will be assessed at the team level.

Position: Manufacturing and production
PH OSVER offers the possibility of forming alliances or strategic agreements in this area, in order to work together to achieve beneficial objectives for both parties.
A specialized qualification in the assembly of components for the Food Industry is required in this area. The welding and machining personnel should be an expert in this area.

If you want to contact to our human resourses please press here: