Dairy Technology
Membrane filtration provides many applications in the dairy industry, this technology being an important part of the production process, especially in the manufacture of cheese. PH OSVER offers equipment to measure:

  1. Reverse Osmosis:
    Reverse Osmosis for milk and whey are characterized by:
    • It allows the whey concentrate three times. The whey and milk transport is reduced to one third.
    • Effluent treatment costs are reduced.
    • Get a one-product yield, to 0,30 eur/ Kg.
    • It allows the reuse of water for cleaning other equipment.
    • Reuse the water of Reverse Osmosis thanks to a simple treatment (permeate).

  2. Ultrafiltration:
    • Ultrafiltration is a technique of filtery protein and fat retaining.
    • Milk is optimized for cheese and yogurt making, etc.
    • It allows the use of whey protein in the cheese factory.
    • The permeate may be used for multiple application.

  3. Nanofiltration:
    • Nanofiltration membrane is another technique for eliminating whey and milk salts parcially.
    • It allows to increase the dry matter between 3 and 3,8 times.
    • Reduce transportation costs and management of whey and milk.
    • It´s useful for making of mother´s milks.

  • Diafiltration:
    • It is often used in conjunction with ultrafiltration to achieve a further recovery of concentrate Ultrafiltration using water injection to remove soluble particles and washing molecultar low weight materials (mainly lactose and minerals).

  • For more information, please contact PH OSVER and listen actively what your needs, providing the best solution design membrane filtration system to meet your requirements.